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This page provided by www.bø . When you visit or use services from www.bø, you agree to the following conditions:

This policy comes into force on 1 August 2012.

Content on www.bø Websites

Using www.bø you agree not to copy, modify or redistribute www.bø websites or their content, including content provided by other users. Also, you undertake not to offend www.bø or third party copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights.

By creating content, including images, text, etc.,on www.bø websites, you vouch that you have full rights, including all intellectual property rights to such content and that content does not infringe any law or third party rights.

When creating the content, including images, text, etc. on www.bø, you www.bø permission to display your content on all www.bø websites and mobile applications and to display them on other www.bø Internet-based services, including, for example. www.bø Twitter and Facebook Profiles. Images that are created in www.bø websites will automatically get www.bø logo as a watermark. Please be aware that content on the web - and www.bø - can be shared by other users to their own social profiles, for example. Facebook 


If the content www.bø websites violate others' intellectual property rights, the licensee may contact them at www.bø Support and request that the content in question removed or changed. www.bø reserves the right at its absolute discretion to modify and / or delete that content.


Using www.bø Websites

As a user of www.bø sites and services, including in advertising and the purchase and sale of goods and services, you agree to abide by applicable laws, including but Contracts Act, the Consumer Contracts Act, Sale of Goods Act and Marketing Practices Act rules. In connection with advertising for the sale of goods and services, you agree specifically to provide information on and comply with consumer contract law rules for 14 days to cancel.

www.bø role

www.bø is not involved in contracts for the purchase and sale of goods or services concluded between a buyer and seller on www.bø websites. www.bø is not the seller or supplier of the goods and services and assumes no liability for goods or services that are advertised and sold via www.bø websites.

Most of the content on www.bø websites are user generated and www.bø can not guarantee the accuracy, quality or legality of the user-created content www.bø websites. www.bø nevertheless reserves the full right has discretion to delete content or any portion thereof, including user-generated content on its websites for any reason.

www.bø responsibility

As a user on www.bø websites, you agree to indemnify www.bø of any liability in connection with your actions on www.bø websites, including (without limitation) acts in connection with advertising and the purchase and sale of service contracts concluded between the buyer and seller on www.bø websites. You agree also not to keep www.bø responsible for the conduct of other users are doing on www.bø websites, including (but not limited to) acts in connection with advertising and the purchase and sale of service contracts concluded between the buyer and seller on www.bø websites.

www.bø is an open communication platform with user-generated content, and www.bø is therefore not responsible for user content creation, including text, images, video clips, listings etc.. That may violate laws or third party rights.

For the same reason www.bø is without any claim to compensation for loss, damage, or violations arising from user-generated content on its websites.

www.bø does not guarantee access to www.bø services or websites, like www.bø not guarantee the security of this access or to maintain continuous access to it. By the same token disclaims www.bø himself, to the extent permitted by law, all liability for any loss or damage arising in connection therewith.

To the extent permitted by law, disclaims www.bø expressly disclaim all warranties and representations, express or implied, and lovgivne for the content of www.bø websites and those of www.bø services provided.

To the extent permitted by law, disclaims www.bø disclaims any direct or indirect responsibility for any loss or damage, including loss of money, data, goodwill, reputation, etc., which may arise from the use of access to www.bø or of the services provided on www.bø websites.

Force majeure

Notwithstanding the foregoing, www.bø specifically not liable for loss resulting from: Crashes in and / or disruptions in access to IT systems or destruction / damage to the data in these systems that can be attributed to the following events, whether it is www.bø, which stands for operating systems: Failure of power supply or telecommunications at www.bø, legislative, terrorism or vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking), riot, insurrection, sabotage, war, natural disasters, unexpected price increases, strike, lockout, boycott or blockade, regardless of whether the conflict is against or initiated by www.bø himself or his organization, and regardless of cause of the conflict and the spread.


Personal information

As a user of www.bø websites, you agree that www.bø (the controller) collects, transmits, stores and uses your personal information on servers located in Denmark or elsewhere in the world, as detailed in the data policy. You are responsible for ensuring that your personal information is accurate and to protect information about your password. If you suspect that your password has been compromised, you should immediately contact support at info@bø, in order to change your password.



These terms and other related conditions that are specified on www.bø websites, constitutes the entire agreement between www.bø and you and supersedes all prior agreements. This agreement is governed by the laws of Denmark and is subject to Danish jurisdiction. Extinction of one or more conditions of nullity does not automatically lapse of conditions in their entirety.


Changes or corrections

www.bø may at any time in writing amend or correct these conditions. Changes or corrections will come into force on the earlier of the following times: (a) the next time you add or change content on www.bø websites, or (b) 30 days after the change of conditions.

Send questions, comments or complaints to support at info@bø


www.bø data policy

www.bø handling your personal information is described in this privacy policy. Your personal information is any information that can be used to identify you, including name, address, gender, email address etc.. www.bø collect, use and share personal information to manage and operate www.bø websites protect your personal information in order that you can feel safe and secure. www.bø is "data controller" and thus responsible for your personal information.


If you choose to give www.bø personal information, you consent to the transfer and storage of this information on www.bø servers.

We may collect and store the following information:

depending on the service you use and the information you choose to provide such as name, email address, phone number, address, gender, birth date, things / animals / humans created in the website, the insurance company you use and financial information;

information on how to use www.bø pages and services, including your transactions;

statistics on page views, traffic to and from www.bø, ad data, and standard web log information.

You also consent to www.bø may share your personal information with affiliated companies or service providers who help www.bø business.

Use of information

www.bø use this information to:

provide our services;

resolve conflicts;

charge fees;

find and solve problems by www.bø sites and services;

encourage safe trading and enforce www.bø policies;

customize your experiences, measure interest in www.bø services, improve www.bø services and inform you about services and updates;

adapt and inform marketing and promotional offers to you according to your preferences.

Protection of information

www.bø sell or disclose your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your express consent.

Excluded are transfers to affiliates or service providers who help www.bø business.

www.bø are permitted to disclose personal information to comply with legal requirements, enforce www.bø policies, or protect anyone's rights, property and safety.

www.bø may disclose personal information to respond to allegations that an ad or other content violates the rights of others Requests for information of this nature should be directed in writing to www.bø Ltd. at the following email address: info@bø The information provided only to lawyers or police.


Information in ads and forums

Information you submit in connection with your or others' advertisements or in other public forums on www.bø websites that are publicly available.

The content you provide in an ad on www.bø fairgrounds or in the ad and your contact information (phone number, city and zip code) will be made available to the public so that potential buyers can contact you.

Marketing, communications and e-mail tools

You can ask to receive marketing material from www.bø and our associates, including www.bø and strategic partners such as finance and insurance companies. Should you not wish to receive marketing material from www.bø, please contact support at the following email address:info@bø

www.bø can use the information www.bø have about you and your activities on www.bø websites to customize the messages www.bø send to you, as well as the content and advertising www.bø shows on its websites.


On some of www.bø websites will www.bø or our vendors use cookies (small files placed on your hard disk). www.bø do not allow our suppliers to collect personal information about you by using these cookies. These cookies are used to analyze the visits to www.bø websites, adapt www.bø services, content and advertising, measure promotional activities, and promote trust and safety.

A few important things you should know about cookies are that:

www.bø offers a variety of features that are only available through the use of cookies.

www.bø uses cookies to identify you and maintain your login status.

You are always free to decline cookies if your browser permits, but this may interfere with your use of some of www.bø websites or services. Additional information about the acceptance of cookies, see your browser's help function.

Access, modification and deletion

You can view, modify or delete your personal information in your user profile on www.bø websites. You agree to promptly update your personal information if they are changed or incorrect.

If you want to get an overview of which of your personal information www.bø's possession that are not available in your user profile, you can contact them for support on info@bø www.bø reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for the work in the collection and transmission of an overview of the stored personal information. This amount will not exceed what is legally permissible.

www.bø delete your personal information when www.bø no longer needs them for the purposes described earlier, except that www.bø in accordance with the law preserves the information necessary to resolve disputes, enforce www.bø policies and prevent illegal activity.


www.bø treats data as assets to be protected and used in the context of tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) to protect your personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

www.bø does not guarantee against that third party unlawfully intercepting or otherwise accessing transfers or private communications, or to third parties, including other users, abusing your personal information that they legally collect from this website.


Rules for use of www.bø websites

This page provided by www.bø When you visit or use services from www.bø, you agree to the following conditions:


When you create a user account on this site, visit this site or otherwise use the services from this page, you agree to:

to comply with these conditions

not to give information or information that is untrue or otherwise misleading

to comply with applicable law, including contract law, consumer contract law, consumer law and marketing law

not to infringe rights of third parties, including third party's copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, for example by selling counterfeit goods, publish illegal music or video files, etc..

not to copy, modify, or distribute other user's information or content created by other users;

to refrain from distributing or include spam, chain letters or pyramid schemes,

not to use any kinds of robots, scrapers or other automated means to access the www.bø sites and collect content for any outsider www.bø purpose without explicit permission;

not unjust way to harvest or otherwise collect information about others, including their email addresses or other personal information;

to refrain from distributing viruses or other technologies that may harm www.bø or users of www.bø, including their interests, data or property;

not to undertake actions that unduly prejudicial www.bø infrastructure or interfere with the operation of www.bø websites;

not improper way to circumvent measures employed to prevent or restrict access to www.bø services;

not to establish a link to www.bø websites in such a way that content from being made available on other sites;

Generally, to emerge with a good and polite behavior;

Not to use offensive language or behavior, moreover, including the attack on people or businesses, as well as racist and offensive post / comments.

Not systematically give very negative votes that may be perceived as a deliberate attempt to annoy other users.

Not to create fake user accounts;

Not to make commercial sales or business activity in general (company sales) outside the business category or otherwise advertise the business activities outside the commercial category. 

If these terms are violated www.bø reserves the right at its discretion to make blocking and freezing of your account. In cases of more serious offense, this could result in deactivation of your user account.


General behavior of the page

www.bø want to do all the websites are nice place to be for all users. As a user of www.bø you agree therefore to exhibit a friendly and courteous behavior towards all stakeholders, including other users and www.bø help administrators.

www.bø websites is for everyone, and there is a possibility to express themselves freely. Therefore www.bø not accept responsibility for users' posts, images, opinions and other content created by www.bø users.

www.bø invites all users to show tolerance and understanding - even to other attitudes and perceptions. It is not permissible to use www.bø websites and forums to publicly mock, belittle or rebuke others.

As part of this www.bø encourages its users to use a normal, polite and nice language. Irony and sarcasm as far as possible be clarified so that misunderstandings are avoided. Posts or comments containing foul language will not be tolerated.

Canopy Ning by other users, accusations of cheating, etc.. is not allowed. If you suspect fraud or similar, please contact an administrator help and support oninfo@bø

It is not permitted to disclose personal information of others, including e-mail addresses, names, addresses and more., Via www.bø websites.

www.bø reserves the exclusive right has discretion to delete messages that are unlawful, offensive, unwanted or otherwise in violation of these terms.

www.bø reserves the right to disclose information about potential wrongdoing to the lawyer or the police.


Help Managers

www.bø have attached some help administrators who are home users, which helps the site operation and contact with users.

As private users of www.bø, uses help administrators www.bø websites and services on an equal footing with other users and can express themselves on their own behalf in accordance with www.bø terms of use.

Help administrators helps to keep peace and order in www.bø websites and shall ensure wherever possible that user compliance. If you have problems or questions to some of the things you see or experience on www.bø websites, you can be usefully write an aid administrator. It may, for example. be on the bad behavior of other users, remove unwanted content and comments or requests to freeze / lockout of user accounts that do not comply with the conditions.


Help administrators have no way of helping users with information and support for the creation and activation profiles - including payment services. For any questions please contact Support at info@bø


Any complaints about aid administrators may be directed to Support at info@bø It is not allowed to post on www.bø forums dealing with individual administrators.


Creating user accounts

Anyone who regularly travel on www.bø websites should have their own user account. It is not allowed to have multiple user accounts at a time or to share a profile between several people.

User profiles are created for or used for abuse without notice is closed by www.bø

If you suspect that an account is false or used for abuse, please contact an administrator or help www.bø support on info@bø


Creating content on the page

Content created on www.bø websites must comply with the law and not contrary to the rights of third parties.

www.bø allows only content with a sober content, pornographic, racist, discriminatory, violent or otherwise objectionable images or statements, etc.. not accepted. Picture material made available on www.bø website may not display the genitals or female nipples.

Content that does not comply with the above or otherwise in law, it will be deleted without notice, and the relationship will be in the circumstances the police. Examples are eg the sale of illegal goods, such as illegal fireworks, stolen goods, steroids and the like.

Copyright and sharing of protected content

It is only illegal to upload pictures, movies, music, lyrics, etc.. Where you own the copyright or have been authorized by the copyright holder to upload. Also, do not upload images of any third party without the third party's consent.

Likewise it is not allowed to invite to violate intellectual property rights, for example by sharing music etc..


Normal procedure for breach

www.bø reserves the exclusive right has discretion to delete unwanted messages and user generated content that is contrary to these terms, the law or third party rights.

Failure to comply www.bø terms of use www.bø reserves the right to immediately and has discretion to block / freeze and appropriate to close the account.

Normally www.bø however, follow these steps:

The user will receive an official warning, and possibly. Unwanted content will be removed. In case of repetition, would that user account will be frozen for 1-5 days - and continue the unwanted behavior, the user account will be closed.

Do you find content (forum posts, videos, ads, etc.) should be deleted from the page, please contact a help administrator.


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